Awww… group hug

Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, Tam says she’s being summoned to a group hug and asks if I want to come along. Of course I do!

Group Hug

Now, I remember talking about the group hug while we were at SLCC, seeing a presentation where it was mentioned even. But I just couldn’t remember where or why. Until I got there and saw so many familiar faces! It was part of the iWoot case study of course. Tam and I managed to goad someone itno creating a group just for group hugs which we promptly joined. And between being on voice with so many friends at once and all the hugging, I went to bed one happy avatar girl.

Now, if only iWoot would ship those flying monkeys to the US, I’d actually shop there too!


September 18, 2007. social.

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