Dutch Touch

You know, I used to be strictly a preppy sort of avatar girl. But lately I’ve been having fun experimenting with different looks and things as my mood changes. I mean after all, since there’s no limit to what I can be or the size of my virtual closet, why not right? Anyway, that’s why I decided to visit Dutch Touch after reading about it in Second Style Fashionista.

As you can clearly see, I had all the other ingredients for a perfectly edgy urban sort of look. The outfit I’m wearing here is called Holey Moe and is my favorite out of the few I grabbed. I love all the layers, and especially the stars peeking through the top.

Holey Moe from Dutch TouchFrom what I can see, the clothes are all well made and look great on. And even though the shop is very much the dark urban sort of look, I think there just might be a little something anyone can wear in there. I even picked up an outfit with an argyle sweater!

Now I choose to go the full route and throw on my neko gear as well, but this may have more to do with me liking ears and a tail than with the clothing requiring it. I think anyone would look just as hot as a human in these clothes. And I’ll be keeping an eye out for more from Dutch Touch!


September 18, 2007. dutch touch, Shopping.

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