A Fashionista’s Dilemma

So, here’s some food for thought. I consider myself to be a fairly stylin’ avatar girl. I know all the hip places to shop, keep up with new releases, and am always on the lookout for cool, new, and undiscovered treasures. Plus I’m pretty easy on the eyes if I do say so myself. But I have this thing about matching. I love to match. That’s right, you heard it here first. I’m a matching whore.

But as I peruse through my favorite blogs and info, I see this trend towards mixing it up. Breaking up outfits and throwing pieces together in new and innovative ways. Now don’t get me wrong, I think these people are putting together some tres cool stuff here. Not to mention the fact that it all coordinates nicely. These are some high style folks, is what I’m saying. But must one do this to be fashionable? Is the mixing up of everything required to be a truly stylish avie?

Am I hot or not?

This is an extreme case, but a good one nonetheless I think. This is what I paraded around the grid in just yesterday. The top, skirt, shoes, and necklace are all from a boxed outfit I picked up over at the Sand Shack Surf Company. (A topic for another day, but ADORABLE stuff there folks.) The reason I call this extreme is the inclusion of the necklace and shoes. Honestly, usually I do that on my own.

Now take a look here. I have chosen a skin, hair and earrings to compliment the set that Emma created. But I’ve also worn the pieces she designed and made together. Am I less stylish because I wear these pieces together? Are the fashion police on their way right now to arrest me and shred my fashionista card? Will I now be forever shunned by all the cool kids?

I like to think not. I wander the grid a good bit and don’t see one thousand little clones of Maddie. (And we all know I’m too good to be someone else’s clone, right? Right???) And I don’t mindlessly follow every trend just because someone told me it was cool. But this outfit is the cuteness, and I am the cuteness in it! So is there shame in wearing it the way Emma created it? Talk to me.


September 19, 2007. fashion, sand shack surf company, Shopping.


  1. beladona Memorial replied:

    please note, I do NOT see any problem with things matching

    never did

    in RL and in SL, matching is GOOD

  2. Brandy Rasmuson replied:

    You look adorable in that outfit, and I say no shame in wearing it. Emma does a great job of making her outfits look mix-and-match anyway with the different colors and patterns she includes.

    I do a little mixing, but I also often wear outfits as I buy them. I don’t think either way is better than the other, but I do wonder sometimes if other people find it more fashionable to do more mixing of different outfits. It’s certainly one way to be creative in SL, and I do get a little rush of sorts when I pull together different things and somehow they all magically work together. Of course, I also smile when I buy something off the rack and it looks as good on me as it does in the ad. 🙂

  3. Rose Farina replied:

    To be truely stylish you need to wear what you want to wear… doesn’t matter if you mix or match. To do otherwise is just following someone elses style and not your own. Be true to your own fashion and then you have style! 🙂

    Sort of goes with what I make… I just make what I want and I don’t follow the trends LOL 🙂

  4. TheDiva replied:

    I’m a matcher too – but I don’t like to wear the outfits straight outta the store displays. I’m a mix & matcher I suppose.
    Only downfall is that my closet needs some serious weeding & reorganizing.
    Anyway, Maddie, in the year+ I’ve known you I can honestly say I have never disliked your personal style.

    XOXO Diva

  5. smiletenshi replied:

    Matching is soooo 1980. 😦

  6. Britney Mason replied:

    Wear what you feel good in! And what fits!! 😉

  7. Bethany replied:

    I’ve never known someone with more matched bra and panty sets. I never knew people did that until I met Jen.

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