I partied so hard last night that I just pooped right out before I could properly pirate at ya’ll here. So you get it today instead. Besides, everyone loves pirates so a little more piratey goodness won’t hurt!

Partying like Pirates!Every Wednesday is traditionally Black Tie Martini Club night, when my friends and I all dress in our formals and dance to well, whatever Caleb is moved to play. But since yesterday was also Talk Like a Pirate Day, we all donned our piratey gear and yo-ho-hoed merrily throughout the night. One of us even took to wearing and firing cannons, but I’ll let Crap Mariner remain nameless. (Ooooops.)

Mary Read from Adam and Eve

There is and always has been only one pirate costume in all of SL for me. It is a jacket, a mini-dress, a gown, a wench, and a pirate lady all at once. I remember it as the first costume I ever plunked down serious lindens for, and the one I have gotten the most use out of ever since. It is, of course, the Mary Read pirate outfit from Adam n Eve. I have added the swashbuckler boots from SF Design for a perfectly piratey ensemble.

I have looked all over the grid for one I will love half as much, but I’ve never found it. Although I must say, the new pirate lass outfit, Anne, from Draconic Kiss is quite fabulous. If I wasn’t so thoroughly in love with Mary read, I’d probably go check it out even. But alas, I am. And so I have not.

Although I have to admit, my very favorite part of my classic pirate outfit? Is the little monkey on my shoulder. I got him at Lost Shaker of Salt ages ago and last Talk Like a Pirate Day, I realized he was modifiable. Not to mention, I found a free script to make anything talk like a pirate. So I dropped the script into the monkey and got it all set up. Now when I go to make him say anything, it is automagically translated into pirate speak! And let me tell you, he’s a pretty cheeky little monkey.


September 20, 2007. adam n eve, boots, costume, lost shaker of salt, party, pirate, sf designs, social.

One Comment

  1. Crap Mariner replied:

    They were Nerf cannon.


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