Is that a…. ?

What an interesting night I had! Believe it or not, I had logged on last night with a list of places to go and new shops to check out, but I ended up getting totally sidetracked from my shopping mission. (Okay, well not totally. But mostly.)

Tai ChiFirst I answered a call for help to the SL Bloggers group. Someone is attempting to develop a new HUD that will store animation permissions so that interacting with other avatars is more like interacting with people. In real life, there’s no blue box to click “yes” on to animate your avatar, so this HUD would eliminate that in Second Life too. After a while though, we just started playing ad even did Tai Chi together for a while!

Is that a....?Then Daphne and Tamara were free so I hopped back over to Nowhereville to visit with my friends. When I got there, I saw they had some company too. So Daph, Tam, and I all hung out and joked around with Haver Cole for a while. We talked about fashion, and shapes, and avatars, and monkeys, and poop. Yes, I said poop. And so it was that I ended up sitting on a giant turd with Haver Cole.

After the turd, I really just needed to take a shower and get some sleep, so that was the end of my adventure for the evening. But never let it be said that my Second Life is predictable or boring!


September 21, 2007. journal, social.

One Comment

  1. elusyve jewell replied:

    Your eve was like mine, cept I was having so much silly fun I forgot to take pics…and dayam..I am glad I got dressed b4 I tp’d over to help London out!!…LOL

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