I have no words

Last night was epic folks, seriously. I mean, I laughed so hard I cried. I think Tam nearly peed her pants layer. I have not been so amused on an adventure in quite some time! And with an intro like that, you know there’s a story to be had just for you.

It all started because Tam and I found the landmark to the store selling Fuzzy the Bunny. I had seen him back at Cream Shop a while back and loved him, so we followed it. Each of us ended up with a fuzzy bunny all our own, by the way. I chilled in this tree for a while, and then we got bored and decided to explore.

Numery MartThat’s when we saw it. Across the street this mini mart of sorts was calling to us. We didn’t know what it was or what we’d find, but it was giant, pink, and had weird stuff sitting in the parking lot out front. We were forced, of course, to go and investigate. The Numery Mart beckoned.

First, we felt the need to explore the plethora of pose balls in the parking lot. We didn’t understand the names of them, but we were game so we hopped up on them. Which is, of course, how we ended up crouched in front of each other bobbing our heads like chickens! That is when the laughing started.

It got worse as we sat on more and more of the pose balls. There were poses labeled Yankee Stand and Yankee sit. I did not feel like a Yankee in them. But at one point Tam and I stood on two adjacent pose balls and her elbow was rather uncomfortably in my chest. (Are yankees supposed to bruise each other’s boobies? It’s a mystery!) Tam wandered away from her keyboard and I sat on an unlabeled mushroom which teleported me away to a building with no windows or doors! She came back to find frantic IMs from me warning her against sitting on the mushroom and begging for rescue! Sheteleported me back safely so we could continue out little adventure.

Then we went inside. We promptly grabbed shopping baskets just inside the door, and immediately discovered they were deadly weapons! More hilarity ensued as we roamed through the little mart, banging each other with pink shopping baskets. At that point we were laughing so hard we bagan to pass out the landmark to friends, inviting them to join in the insanity. A few actually came.

When Dyz arrived I was waving around some sort of generic meat on a stick type snack. We briefed him on the proper use of deadly shopping baskets, and then he gave us bam clubs. We were truly no good at that point. A poor stranger wandered in and got scared as we ran up and down the aisles yelling bam!, whacking each other, and walking like cavemen.

We finally wandered back outside where Dyz gave us an Abranimations attachment which allowed us to kick and punch and draw blood from each other. In our already hilarious states, this was just the icing on the cake. Oscar showed up with a briefcase of death and we proceeded to run up and down the streets of Osaka beating the heck out of each other and laughing hysterically. The fun did not end until I finally had to go to bed.

Lest you think this had nothing at all to do with fashion, there is (inexplicably, I might add) a cute little sailor suit inside the Numery Mart. You should check it out. And don’t forget to grab a shopping basket when you do!


September 25, 2007. exploring.

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