Argyle Boutique – New Find/Review

Madison Babydoll JacketIt all started when I saw that there was a coat named Madison. Of course, I am not so vain as to believe that has anything to do with me, especially since I have never met the designer, Noelle Eilde, before. However please take note, this will not stop me from pretending far and wide that I am famous enough to have a jacket named after me. 😉 Regardless of the origin of the name, seeing this coat led me to Argyle Boutique, and that is definitely not a bad thing. I proceeded to buy nearly everything in her shop and then decided that you, dear readers, needed to know all about it.

Please note that the jacket in question here is absolutely adorable. It has an optional prim collar and neck bow which I am modeling both of for you here. I am also taking this opportunity to show off the Davenport Weathered Velvet gloves which just go perfectly with my jacket.

Stick around after the cut for more great finds at Argyle Boutique!

Once I started looking around, I couldn’t stop buying!

True to the store’s name, there is fabulous argyle everywhere. Here you can see it in the Argyle Knit Sweater w/Back Patch in Purple Orange. The first thing I noticed about the shop were the detailed patterns, and next the low prices. But besides that, look at the matching back patch on this sweater. This is a feature on many of her pieces, which I simply adore. I hate shirts with rich patterns on the front and plain unfinished backs. Much like I prefer not to wear them in my RL, my SL is no different. But this little patch keeps the pattern from being overwhelming, and adds some interest to the back of the outfit.

Also, please take note of the bangles I’m wearing here. The Autumn Bangles not only coordinate with Noelle’s items, but will go with many other things in your inventory too. I bought the fatpack because I couldn’t make up my mind.

Lately in addition to cherries, I’ve really been feeling the stars. Which meant I couldn’t resist this Stripe Knit Sweater in teal. Please note the adorable back patch again on this item, this time in a star shape. I really can’t say enough about how much this adds to the clothing items for me.

In this picture, I’ve paired the sweater with Noelle’s Kelsey Tintable Scarf. I left it in the default black, but as the name implies, this scarf can be tinted to match any outfit. It even comes with tinting instructions for people who aren’t sure how to make that happen.

Once I was on a roll, I simply had to have this Plaid Knit Sweater w/Back Patch in Charcoal. This time the back patch is in a charming fleur de lis shape which adds a fun surprise to the sweater. This sweater also features prim cuffs which give it a finished feel that I love.

I would be remiss if I ended this post without showing you the snuggly Goodwin Scarf which I am modeling here in the green pink color. This is just one of three ways to wear the scarf. It also comes with an optional extension for those chilly nights which will cover the rest of your neck and mouth, and a headwrap. So it offers lots of options to bundle up and keep you warm this winter. Just the thing for snowy sims or ice skating parties!

Believe it or not, there are still items in the store which I haven’t blogged, although admittedly not many! Argyle Boutique is a newer shop and Noelle is a designer who deserves to be encouraged. So stop by her shop and pick up her grand opening freebie while we’re there. You’ll have to go to see what it is!


October 14, 2007. Argyle Boutique, new find, review.


  1. Ana Lutetia replied:

    SOOO cute!

  2. EnCore Mayne replied:

    good find mad. noelle’s got a personal blog and one for her argyle boutique where you can see that funky scarf with all attachments…and, of course, “your” coat!

  3. Arianna Psaltery replied:

    STUNNING coat 🙂 I just love that yellow color in the plaid 🙂

  4. Crap Mariner replied:

    I was told there’s a line of clothes called [crap].

    I’ll pass.

  5. D. Watanabe replied:

    “I was told there’s a line of clothes called [crap].

    I’ll pass.”

    What idiot told you that? Nothing at Argyle has a dumb name like that. I know, I bought most of it.

    Get your info straight and quit relying on secondhand information.

    Some people wouldn’t know quality if it backhanded them…

  6. Jen replied:

    Actually, it’s not at Argyle Boutique, but there is such a clothing line. Tenshi Vielle makes it, and it truly is called [crap], even if it doesn’t look so crappy. She has a kiosk in the Cotton Candy mall if you want to check it out.

  7. Noelle Eilde replied:

    Woah… I think there was a misunderstanding.

    Thanks so much for the review! Sorry to be so late in responding!

  8. Tenshi Vielle replied:

    lulz, I just found this comment thread. It had me rolling. 😀

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