Blowpop – Review

A while ago (shamefully so, in fact) Annyka Bekkers dropped a sample pack of her Mellie skins from her shop Blowpop on me. I tried them on right away, but then got distracted by that darn first life and haven’t blogged them yet for all of you. I’m going to talk about the Cream skin tone as that is my normal choice. If you like what you see here, you should go to Blowpop yourself and try a demo.

First of all, Cream is not the lightest skin tone, Vanilla is, and the skins range to a deep tan called Caramel with a few steps in between. As I said before, these are the Cream. In the sampler Annyka gave me, these are the three makeups that were included for Cream. She has obviously taken care to create a range of makeups as well from fresh faced to evening makeup.

But let’s look at my very favorite thing, the lip. I think the lips on these skins are so sweet and I love the little upturned corner and sweetheart shape. They are what makes the whole face for me. The shading on the bridge of the nose is a bit stronger than I’m used to, but I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just different for me. The nostrils are well done though, and that’s a difficult area where I have issues with some skins. I also think the eyes are very well done and I appreciate the range of makeups Annyka has applied to them. I think it gives these skins a lot of versatility for her customers.

The skins will allow you to play with the hair color on the eyebrows and other bits, but I didn’t experiment with that for these pictures. I wanted you to see them as they are, and play with them on your own. I will also note that I will not be taking full body shots or analyzing other bits of the skin. Not my style, and the face on a skin is the number one most important feature to me, so that’s my focus. Although I will point out that the collarbones, which you can also see here, are nicely done.

All in all, I’m glad Annyka got in touch and I will be adding her skins to my rotation. Again, these are the Mellie skins, and you can find them in her shop, Blowpop.




October 22, 2007. blowpop, review, skin.


  1. Annyka replied:

    Thank you so much, Madison! I dont know what to say! I do just want to clarify that the skintone itself is not tintable, only the hairy bits. I felt it lost a little bit too much of the subtlety in the tone to make it tintable.
    Thank you again!

  2. Madison Carnot replied:

    Oooo, let me fix that then. I’m sorry!

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