Feeling Sassy

As you can see from the picture here, I was feeling quite sassy yesterday. Too sassy for my skirts and dresses… I was ready to run around out on the town. Here I’m wearing the Gwyn sweater from MG Fashions, Strict jeans from LF Fashions, Lollie shoes from Shiny Things as well as some of Fally’s plum knit tights. The skin is custom made just for me by Tete a Pied, and the hair is Wish from Cake in currant. The determined sassy look on my face is all me though.

Want to know what I did next? More after the cut.

So I was all dressed up, now where would I go? Shopping of course! Like women on a mission, Tamara, Daphne, Celebrity and I headed out into the wild. In no time Celebrity was bogged down with boxes and bags and we could barely see her anymore. She is a pro-shopper for sure. Daphne, Tamara, and I know how to shop but tonight we were interested in playing too. So off to the Numery Mart we all went to grab shopping baskets and look for trouble.

Poor Celebrity hid behind her packages as we cavorted and shopped and battled. But, as you can see, soon the night’s activities took their toll. Is this not the saddest fashionista you have ever seen? I feel asleep right in the parking lot with my head on my shopping basket! Hey, the saying is “Shop til you drop” right?

I must have looked sad and in desperate need of assistance, because soon a gallant gentleman came to my rescue. Perhaps he heard the snores of this damsel in distress? Who knows, but he attempted to spirit me off to safety nonetheless. Luckily I got away, back to my house safely… by myself. No offense, but 2D isn’t really my type these days. 😉


November 6, 2007. Cake, exploring, LF Fashions, MG Fashions, Shiny Things, Shopping, Tete a Pied.


  1. Crap Mariner replied:

    Ooooh… shopping baskets and shopping carts!

    I need those for my littered beachfront!

  2. Maria Gherardi replied:

    one of the things i love most in being a SL designer is have the pleasure to see how the clothes i do look just gorgeous in other people! you look very good in that sweater!
    thank you for your reference to MG fashion!

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