Today the fashion world in SL is acknowledging a tragedy. I feel like it’s not my place to commiserate as I never really knew Ginny Talamasca. But for the 2+ years I’ve been in SL now, I have been shopping at Dazzle and Last Call and enjoying Ginny’s creations. So while I don’t have a personal connection to Ginny, I am empathizing with the sense of loss. My thoughts go out to Ginny’s friends and family during this difficult time.

I can’t do much, but the best tribute I have is to wear Last Call today with pride. Ginny, this one’s for you.

Outfit is Dominica from the Catwalk Collection by Last Call, boots are Melisande in Mohagany by Last Call, necklace is the Platinum Heart tag Necklace by Elexor, and the hair is Europa in dark red by Cake.


November 10, 2007. Last Call, tribute.

One Comment

  1. Crap Mariner replied:

    You have that outfit, too?

    Sad. (About Ginny, although also about the worry of showing up with the same thing on)

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