A Fashionista’s Plea

More and more lately I have been experiencing a surprising problem. I just know I can’t be the only one. It is the plague of the no mod prim.

There is a time and place for the no mod prim, to be sure. But unfortunately, it is never as an attachment to an outfit. Lately I have purchased too many things with no mod skirts or cuffs. These items are often fitted to the creator’s avatar or one made especially for clothing creation. I understand they have to be fitted initially to *something*. But these prims also need to account for the fact that with all the sliders and shape possibilities in SL, that prim is never going to fit everyone as is.

Sure sure, no mod prims do allow the ability to adjust their position. However, often times this just isn’t enough. If the original skirt prims were fitted to a slender avatar and then are placed on an avatar with generous hips, no amount of placement adjusting is going to make them fit. And the problem compounds from there.

If I can’t make an outfit fit correctly due to lack of ability to modify, it is no good to me. I need to either trash it or give it away. Frankly, I’m unlikely to give it to someone else just to inflict the same issues on them. So into the trash it goes. And that makes me very much less likely to ever spend more $L in that particular shop. So not only does my poor little fashionista heart weep, but the shop loses a customer.

Such a complicated plight with such a simple answer. Please please please, I beg of content creators everywhere, make your prims mod/copy. This little shopper would thank you so much.


December 3, 2007. fashion, prims, suggestion.


  1. Ana Lutetia replied:


  2. Annyka replied:

    I so agree. I was just trying to fit something this weekend and it was no-mod, so I had no choice but to junk it. its very depressing, especially when it looks so good in the picture.

  3. Brandy Rasmuson replied:

    I’ve been frustrated by the same problem, and I’ve found a few creators will give me those prims as mod/copy if I request them after buying the outfit. I appreciate that service, but it makes me wonder why they don’t just offer them that way from the beginning. Honestly, I’m sometimes too shy/lazy to make the effort of contacting them, so I end up not buying from them either.

  4. kesseret replied:

    Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning this- one of my biggest pet peeves!!!!

    I totally stopped shopping from one creator who makes their prim skirts no mod. I asked about it and the answer was “too bad” (not a verbatim quote- but the summary of the conversation). Never again will I buy there. I have a a chunky avatar and need to adjust all prim attachments. I refuse to make anything I make no mod even though everyone said I lose all rights if someone copies my stuff.

    My jewelry is mod prims but a no mod script inside so even though I check adn double check to make sure the prims are mod it can sometimes slip through- I welcome anyone to ask me to fix that problem for them.

  5. Morgana Fillion replied:

    I totally agree! I had to forgo most of Simone’s sale this past couple of weeks because of the no-mod skirts. I prefer to not have my avatar be 9 feet tall and rail thin, and I’m not going to become that just to fit a skirt. No-mod prims mean no-sale to me after I had to trash far too many outfits I paid too much money for.

  6. chrisy jewell replied:

    hey Madison!U’re tagged!http://chrisyjewell.wordpress.com/2007/12/03/mercy-meam-i-tagged/

  7. Gillian Waldman replied:

    I agree, Madison. I sometimes forget to look when I’m blogging (BAD), so this is a reminder for me to double check perms.

  8. Candy Cerveau replied:

    I totally agree! Being way shorter than most avis and with more curves, no mod skirts are a no go in my opinion. I won’t buy them, as its just asking for disappointment. I have too many outfits in my inventory now that are gathering dust because of it.

  9. Crap Mariner replied:

    *shrug* Send the cast-offs to Andromeda, eh. I’m sure she’ll incorporate them into weird Martian fashions.

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