Eight Things

Okay okay, I got tagged. I think the whole world has been tagged at this point, so I’m just going to answer and fail to pass it on. If you think an SL blogger has been missed somehow, feel free to tag them in my name!

  1. Many of you may know I have a tattoo, but did you all know I got it while I was in Chicago for SLCC? (Some of you knew that too. So just don’t answer.) I did. The tattoo is of heart shaped cherries on my lower abdomen by my right hip. Now you know.
  2. I never learned how to ride a bike. Every time I tell people this, they become determined to teach me. No thanks. I have survived 30 years on this planet without knowing how, and I think I’m going to be just fine now.
  3. As a little girl, I loved He Man. I had a crazy little girl crush on him. I used to run around my back yard and call myself She Woman, but only in my head. I was crestfallen when they brought out She Ra. I’d been using the wrong name all those years! Plus, she stole my cartoon man.
  4. I am a horrible procrastinator. I will put off anything and everything until the very last second possible, without fail.
  5. I played the violin for 12 years, starting in elementary school and ending when I graduated from college. This may come as a shock, but I was actually good. I still have the violin under my bed, but I haven’t touched it since I left college. I’m guessing the result if I did now would be painful at best.
  6. I used to have a very typical and very destructive need to chase after bad boys. Long hair, sports cars, biker jackets, and bad grades would attract me in a heart beat. It was probably mildly amusing to others as I was (and still am) a giant geek. That never stopped me from dating them though. Thankfully I outgrew it and now find a wicked sense of humor to be the sexiest thing a man can have.
  7. I majored in Spanish in college with the intent to become a high school teacher. I got as far as actually doing my student teaching when I realized I am a terrible no good very bad teacher. I dropped out before even completing the certification program and never looked back. Now I work in IT and sit in a cubicle. It doesn’t make me happy, but I’m much better at it, at least.
  8. I have never in my life rented an apartment on my own. I have rented apartments with other people. I have owned a house on my own. But never rented by myself. I am now doing things completely backwards as I have sold my house and am moving into my very first apartment that is all mine. It feels like a giant step forwards and backwards all at once.

Ok, that’s my 8 things. I kind of ran out of juice halfway through, so don’t laugh at what you got. (Or do laugh, just don’t be mean to me ok?)

Also, while I have you attention, please note that the above mentioned move is very much messing with my available time. I may not be in world or writing here very much until sometime next year. I do my best, but priorities get me every time. So fear not, I’m fine. Just insanely and prohibitively busy.


December 4, 2007. journal, me, social, Uncategorized.


  1. Crap Mariner replied:

    I swear by all that is unholy, I’ll get the “-ls” on my wrist at Tampa in 2008, okay?

  2. Banana Stein replied:

    Enjoyed your 8

    1. I knew about the tattoo
    2. Did not know about the bike
    3. He-Man —- lol
    4. Me 2 on putting things off
    5. I have been asked NEVER to sing in public
    6. – starts looking for his leather biker jacket
    7. Hola – Donde esta casa de bano….
    8. hmmm – rented my first one when I as 19 – own home for years now

  3. Stella Semaphore replied:

    Hello, I’ve linked your blog in my new personal style blog, entitled “Stella S.”. If you’d like to check it out, or link back, you can find it at http://stellasemaphore.blogspot.com!

    Happy New Year!

    Stella S.

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