[CRAP] – Review

When Tenshi dropped a sampler pack from her shop [CRAP] on me, I knew it was just the thing I’d been looking for on many levels. First of all, I needed to blog again. But even more, I needed an excuse to play with her creations. For instance, take a look at me here. That’s the Big Knit Big Collar jacket in red and the Bucket Hat in charcoal. I really like the shape of the jacket, especially the oversized shawl collar. And I love that the hat fit over the hair I wanted to wear with this outfit. Plus all the prims are mod/copy/no trans. (Thanks Tenshi!) I feel like I should have a cigarette and be somewhere far more glamorous than my photosphere. As of yet I’m not sure exactly where though, so you’ll have to deal with this.

More [CRAP] after the cut…

Also included in the package were these great gauchos in white and the Squid Bling necklace. The hand drawn details on the gauchos are very nice. and you can’t see it, but you’ll have to trust me when I tell you they make my ass look fabulous. But the necklace is the piece I really fell in love with.

Just look at the prim detailing on this necklace. The chain is very realistic and the squid is completely fantastic. But my absolute favorite part has to be the jet of ink coming out of him. Because what’s a squid without some ink?

So thanks to Tenshi for reminding me to check out her shop. [CRAP] has turned out to be quite a misnamed experience. You can find her now in the Cotton Candy mall on Russel Bay.


January 23, 2008. crap, review.

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