Second Mirage – The Grand Collection – Review

This weekend has been jam packed with fun fashion for me. But I really wanted to highlight the Second Mirage fashion show I went to. Britneyj Crimson was gracious enough to put on a special show for the fashion press and we behaved well and kept this all under wraps until the public show today. But now that’s it’s over, I can tell you all about it!

Second Mirage is bringing out a whole new collection or rich, luxurious jewelry. So much that I can’t even show it all to you. But I did want to highlight a few of my favorite pieces.

This piece is called Striking and indeed it is. I think the beading and the shape of this necklace are very unique and I love the simplicity. Makes it feel elegant even without the glitz and glitter. This is probably my favorite piece of the evening.

Don’t be confused though, I’m a simple gal but the glitz, glitter and oooooh! the shiny! never fail to draw my attention. And for that reason, these piece called Divine shown here in black diamond draws me like a fly. This, to me is classic Liz Taylor and embodies the spirit of the collection. Plus I really like the texture on the black diamond gems.

While we’re discussing pure glitz and glamour, I’d be remiss if I did not show you the Glittering set in ruby. Look at the way the piece cascades down the neck here. I think the overall shape of the necklace is very unique and classy. Plus I love that the earrings don’t overwhelm the set. It’s attention-grabbing for sure, but not quite as bold.

And finally, I’d like to point out Luxuriant in ruby. Of the glitter I’m showing you here, this is the quietest variety. But I don’t think that means it is quiet jewelry by any means. It is still a statement and it’s still gorgeous but the glitz factor here is taken down just a tiny notch. This is a shorter necklace but I really like the shape of the diamond accents here.

All in all, I can see this jewelry will be coming to formal events with me often. I can hardly wait to show off the pieces which have made it ito my inventory. Thanks again to the entire Second Mirage team and to Britneyj Crimson for the fabulous show.

Don’t forget to visit Second Mirage to see these pieces in person and pick some up for yourself.


January 30, 2008. jewelry, second mirage, Uncategorized.


  1. Britneyj Crimson replied:

    Thank you, Madison! I’m so glad you could make it to our first show, and I’m tickled as could be that you liked the jewelry! 🙂

  2. Paypabak Writer replied:

    This is wonderful to see Brit get some press! Her creations are fabulous!

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