Yabusaka – Review

The other day I was fortunate enough to have a review copy of this jewelry passed to me by Yabusaka Loon. To be honest, I’m positive I’ve seen some of this jewelry in the past but not like this. This set called 06 is absolutely exquisite.

If you can’t see all the incredible attention to detail, then it’s my picture taking at fault and not the jewelry. While high in prims, it is obviously with good reason. This set consists of a matching choker, earrings, and a bracelet for each arm. It does contain scultpie prims so may take an extra moment or so to rez properly. (Please don’t be alarmed while the sculpties load!)

The choker may require a bit of fitting, but Yabusaka has made the pieces modifiable so you can easily stretch and reposition it to your avatar’s needs. Overall, I really like this set and I’m glad I had the opportunity to review it for all of you!

Check out Yabusaka’s shop in Honmoku or visit the blog for more of Yabusaka’s work.


February 13, 2008. Tags: , , , . jewelry, review, yabusaka.

One Comment

  1. Sai Pennell replied:

    OMG, I was in this shop yesterday (in fact, wrote a blog about their newest set today), and have you seen the new set called Collaboration 01?! OMG, its just filled with all kinds of amazing sculptie goodness ^^


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