Fleur – [Review]

One of my favorite content creators recently told me that she knew I’d stopped blogging but would like to pass me something anyway. I was floored! I stopped blogging? Then I came over here and looked…. and lo and behold. It certainly looked that way. Ooops.

So in honor of my horrible revelation (courtesy of Roslin Petion) and Fleur’s fabulous skins…. I bring you their newest release. Parfait Deux! Now, you may notice (or you may not) that this is not my normal shape. While the Parfait line does look fabulous on me and always has, I prefer it even more on this shape. This is a plump little sweetie of a shape that I keep just for these skins. I don’t always put it on when I wear a Parfait skin, but often I do, because she’s just too cute to resist.

This release has two major high points. First are the new makeups. Of course. But second is a slight modification to the nostrils. I guess some people were having issues with the way the skin looked on their adorable little button noses. Well this release has solved that so everyone can wear the Parfait fabulousness.

Let me lead off with my favorite. This is the Vanilla Deux Parfait 3. It’s my favorite skin tone in the Parfait line and easily one of my favorite makeups across the board.All of the Parfait skins have these sweet little upturned lips and this one features a few tiny little freckles, although not a face full of them. Anyway, I love the flushed cheeks and fresh-faced look of this skin and it’s one I can see myself wearing around often.

More Fleur goodness after the cut!

Speaking of freckles, take a look at the Strawberry Deux Parfait 2. The skin tone on this is slightly darker although not necessarily deep. But this makeup features an adorable face full of doll-like freckles. Again, the same fresh-faced sort of look. I kind of want to pinch my own cheeks while I’m wearing these.

This one is going to be harder for me. I never wear the deeper skin tones so it automatically looks weird to my eyes. But it’s still as well made and adorable as all of the rest. This is Toffee Deux Parfait 6. Instead of the fresh-faced looks of the other two, this is a much more dramatic makeup as well. Just goes to show how versatile this particular line of skins can be.

So there we have it. Please visit Fleur and try on some demos to see these beauties for yourself. And hopefully I’ll have more fabulous reasons to blog and pictures to show off without being prompted by friends to wake up already next time.


March 31, 2008. fleur, review, skin.


  1. SJ replied:

    Hey nice review, thank you for that, a question how did u get your BLOG linked with the Fashion World of SL? I cant seem to find the trick how this works lol
    Thank you in advance yours SJ

  2. Jen replied:

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

    You need to email Tao Takashi or IM him in world. And then be patient. Sometimes it takes a while.

  3. Roslin Petion replied:

    Jen- thanks so much for the lovely review. It’s good to see you blogging again, glad Deux Parfait brought you out of hybernation. I also wanted to say, I ADORE the moded Grapevine shape you have ❤ bring her out more often!

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