About Me

modeling_006.jpgHi, I’m Madison. I am avatar girl in my virtual world just trying to have some fun and do what interests me. And this is my space to share that with you. I like to spend time with my friends, go to concerts, see new and exciting things, and especially to shop. In fact, shopping may be my favorite activity. (Don’t hold that against me!)

This will be my place to tell you all of the exciting (and possibly some not so exciting) things I find and do in Second Life. I’ll throw in pictures, and fashion reviews, and anything else that strikes my fancy, quite frankly. Just because I can. And if there’s something you’d really like to see here, give me a shout and ask. I might even think it’s a good idea too.


JenBut that’s just one half of me. In real life I’m known as Jen. I am a Second Life enthusiast, a lover and studier of new media, and a budding project manager in virtual worlds. I am a podcaster, virtual event planner, and social networking extrodinaire. I am the slightly less television-obsessed half of Britney Mason’s Popcast. And furthermore, I am always open to new projects and ideas.

You can usually find me on what ever online social network is hot, or at conferences and events that I can squeeze into my schedule whenever possible. So if you see my face or my name around, please introduce yourself. Say hello, make friends, form a connection. But whatever you do, don’t be shy.


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