Review Copy Policy

I feel like I need to say this even if you don’t necessarily want to read it. So I will put it here on its own page, and you can read it or ignore it as you see fit.

I do not request review copies for this blog. I will write about things I do, things I find, or things I’m given. I will not approach designers and ask for review copies for anything I write here. I do write other places and policies regarding those are different. This is my personal space, and I’m not comofrtable requesting items for it. Period.

However, I will not scream, fuss, kick, or mute you if you drop something on me. If that’s what you, as a designer, feel moved to do then have at it. I like the attention as much as the next gal. But! I will not necessarily write about what I’m handed just because it is handed to me. I will not write about your item unless I like it.  If I don’t like it, don’t be afraid. I’m not going to give you a nasty review just for the sake of it. I simply won’t blog it at all. If you see this happen to you and you’d like honest feedback, please feel free to ask me about it. However, do not get angry at my answers. I will be kind but I won’t lie. So if I didn’t care for your product, I will tell you and I will tell my reasons. Just not in a public forum.

I do this mainly for my own protection although it is for the designers’ as well. My taste is not everyone’s. I have weird quirks and I can be excessively fussy about things. I don’t want to pan someone’s designs simply because it didn’t match my taste or because I have some weird quirky issue with it. I am bizarre, and I accept that. I also don’t wish to make people mad at me. Because honestly, I just want to make friends and be happy. Don’t we all?

If this isn’t clear or if you have questions, please let me know. I will be happy to discuss why I do anything, especially since I always have a reason. I don’t bite. I just growl a little sometimes.

Thanks for being patient with me.


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